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Volunteer Organisations

Voluntary organisations achieve their aims through a wide range of activities, such as providing services or other forms of direct support and advice to the groups they help; for example running mobility initiatives, food banks or providing legal advice. Some also aim to achieve long-term or systemic change.

Community Organisations

Some examples of Community Organisations are amateur sports clubs, school groups, church groups, youth groups and community support groups. They all share a common goal to help local people develop their community. They help organize, mobilize and educate people to build a sense of community, in doing so, they may gain influence over issues concerning their welfare.

Faith Organisations

Faith-based organisations engage with local communities for the benefit of donors and recipients of aid, by adhering to the moral imperative to provide assistance to all people in need regardless of faith, upholding humanitarian standards and principles, and also reinforcing a foundation of trust between the public and faith organisations.

Social Enterprise Organisations

Social Enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is addressing a social or environmental need above creating profit for owners or shareholders. They bring together the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector and the values of public service.

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