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We are often asked who can volunteer…
and the answer is anyone!

Volunteering is very inclusive, and it is open to everyone, no matter your background, skills and experiences, or age. As long as you have a bit of time to spare, you can volunteer! What’s more, there are many benefits to volunteering other than just wanting to give back to the community – people start volunteering for a variety of reasons. It may be that they are feeling lonely or isolated, so they volunteer to make new friends, meet new and interesting people, and enlarge their social circle.

A rewarding experience

Many use volunteering as a way to learn new skills, gain experience and get references to help with their job search. Others volunteer to take on new challenges, or to build up their confidence and self-esteem. And most importantly, people volunteer to have fun and to have the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a difference.

Whatever the reason for volunteering, volunteers will tell you that the experience is rewarding both for themselves and the people they help so whatever your interests, skills and experience, or time commitment, we have something for you!

I absolutely love volunteering. It is so rewarding, and I have made lots of new friends.

Do you want to volunteer?

Helping you get started

Volunteering can help your job chances by building your skill set in a demonstrable way that can boost your CV and show your abilities.  At the same time, you will learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference by supporting your community.

Think through your skills gaps and see how they can be bridged through volunteering.  That may be practical skills, working in a charity shop as a step into retail, or working in a foodbank as a step into catering.  Or it may be developmental skills, like being a school governor as a step into senior management.  Matching your needs and abilities with a voluntary post is a way to get the next job or promotion.

Get in touch to learn about the many volunteering opportunities available.
There are Volunteer Centres around Hertfordshire where you can speak face to face with an advisor, or go online to Go Vol Herts for online opportunities.

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