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Watford/Three Rivers
Closing date: 30/11/2023


Wellbeing Support Worker

Role description

Line Manager: Assistant Manger Community Wellbeing

Place of work: Holywell Community Centre

Contract: Full time

Salary: £23,500 FTE, this includes an allowance of £500 for working unsociable hours at weekends and on bank holidays


The post-holder will be part of a team that will deliver, promote, develop and record W3RT’s range of wellbeing activities and services.

Specific responsibilities

Support Workers will need to work in some or all the following roles:

  • accepting, triaging and recording incoming referrals.
  • making outward referrals and liaising with other services and community groups.
  • making wellbeing calls and providing telephone support.
  • designing and hosting on-line wellbeing activities.
  • planning and hosting regular wellbeing clubs.
  • hosting or supporting reminiscence groups and other social or creative activities.
  • planning and delivering out-of-club activities such as walks and social events.
  • recruiting and managing volunteers and volunteers’ tasks.
  • managing and delivering a range of specific services (shopping, prescription collections,

community cars, formal befriending, etc).

  • planning and supporting occasional flagship events and celebrations.
  • soliciting feedback and carrying out surveys;
  • recording all activities in agreed systems.
  • ancillary administration, promotion, community and partnership work related to the above.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours

The post-holder must demonstrate and maintain the following knowledge, skills and attributes.


  • An understanding of the problems and issues faced by older and/or vulnerable people and carers

especially in relation to health and social care

  • A good working knowledge of our local community
  • Knowledge of particular needs around eg carers, loneliness, mental health, poverty, protected

groups, ex-service personnel

  • An excellent understanding of good service
  • An excellent understanding of professional boundaries
  • An understanding and awareness of risk assessments and safeguarding
  • A keen understanding of privacy, data protection, data consent and GDPR
  • An excellent understanding of referral processes and the range of local services and activities
  • A good understanding of the barriers that those in need might face in accessing support
  • A high level of competency in ICT including all systems used by the service
  • A working knowledge of volunteering good practice
  • A good understanding of the discipline needed to secure good quality data




  • Excellent listening skills
  • Able to establish trust with people from all backgrounds
  • Able to put people at ease and feel more confident
  • Able to support people to be more aware of risks and take better decisions
  • Able to work with vulnerable people to identify need and make effective referrals
  • Able to host group discussions and encourage people to contribute
  • Able to work with individuals to identify key and agree action plans / referrals
  • Can put individuals at the heart of delivery
  • Ability to empower and develop volunteers to achieve better results
  • Able to record all activities accurately, correctly and consistently and in a timely fashion
  • Excellent administration and multi-tasking skills.
  • The ability to work to deadlines and manage competing priorities effectively.

W3RT Behaviours


All W3RT staff are expected to consistently display the following behaviours.


  • Remember you are a valued part of W3RT’s team – be proud of your role and of the trust.
  • Ask for support, guidance and training where needed – and wherever possible, offer the same when requested of you.


  • Be transparent and avoid any direct or indirect conflicts of interest or loyalty.
  • Work to complete any project or commission you have agreed to undertake.


  • Be welcoming and supportive to all parts of our community, respecting everyone as a fellow human individual with their own beliefs, values, preferences and independence.
  • Respect the wellbeing, dignity and privacy of our service users – ensure vulnerable people are supported and share any concerns about their wellbeing.


  • Continuously improve your skills and share and apply your learning.
  • Contribute to discussions to ensure that W3RT’s activities, programmes and services are the best possible.


  • Listen and ensure our services are personalised to deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone.
  • Record your work accurately to help us improve services and demonstrate our impact.

Our organization is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from individuals of all abilities, backgrounds, and experiences.