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Closing date: 10/04/2023


W3RT Assistant Operations Manager

Hours: 17.5 hours per week

Contract: Permanent subject to probation period and funding

Line Manager: Operations Manager

Reports: n/a

Salary: £17,000 pa (pro rata w FTE salary of £34k pa)

Place of work: This role will be based at Holywell Community Centre in Watford, with regular meetings throughout Watford and Three Rivers and opportunities to work from home.


Working closely with the Operations Manager, the post holder will support the effective delivery and co-ordination of all W3RT services, identifying opportunities for collaboration, ensuring consistent standards, providing technical support, and particularly ensuring the effective integration of CVS, community and wellbeing services.

Specific responsibilities

Work closely with W3RT service leads and managers to:

  • Champion W3RT’s purpose, mission, aims, values and behaviours
  • Help ensure that services are managed to consistent high standards
  • Support leads and managers to deliver exceptional services and achieve their key targets
  • Ensure W3RT leads and managers share a common understanding of W3RT services, including their funders, partners and aims
  • Provide expert technical support to W3RT’s CVS Leads in Watford and Three Rivers
  • Ensure that joint CVS services and activities across Watford and Three Rivers are co-ordinated efficiently, effectively and proportionately
  • Ensure that CVS activities are closely linked to other W3RT activities with clear two-way referral pathways
  • Ensure that CVS planning and activities are informed by infrastructure activities hosted by partner organisations
  • Help ensure that all W3RT services use common measures to demonstrate outputs and outcomes
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Provide cover for W3RT CVS services as required
  • Support the W3RT Operations Manager as required

Behaviours, knowledge and skills

The post-holder must demonstrate and maintain the following behaviours, knowledge and skills.


  • Teamwork
  • You are a valued part of W3RT’s team – be proud of your role and of the Trust
  • Ask for support, guidance and training where needed – and wherever possible, offer the same when requested of you
  • Integrity
  • Be transparent and avoid any direct or indirect conflicts of interest or loyalty
  • Work to complete any project or commission you have agreed to undertake
  • Inclusion
  • Be welcoming and supportive to all parts of our community, respecting everyone as a fellow human individual with their own beliefs, values, preferences and independence
  • Respect the wellbeing, dignity and privacy of our service users – ensure vulnerable people are supported and share any concerns about their wellbeing
  • Innovation
  • Continuously improve your skills, and share and apply your learning
  • Contribute to discussions to ensure that W3RT’s activities, programmes and services are the best possible
  • Impact
  • Listen and ensure our services are personalised to deliver the best possible outcomes for each individual
  • Record your work accurately to help us improve services and demonstrate our impact


The postholder will need to demonstrate and maintain detailed knowledge of:

  • W3RT services, strategies, plans and systems
  • W3RT systems, policies and platforms
  • local commissioning priorities and processes
  • quality assurance
  • outputs, outcomes and impacts
  • voluntary sector management and governance
  • local communities and voluntary groups
  • the plans and expectations of W3RT’s key funders and partners


The postholder will need to demonstrate and maintain excellent skills in:

  • representing W3RT, its values and services
  • measuring and demonstrating impacts
  • carrying out research
  • liaising with multiple internal and external contacts
  • understanding difference and diversity, seeking common ground and finding compromise
  • diplomacy and liaison
  • establishing and maintaining strong relationship
  • exerting influence within complex environments
  • communication skills including listening and the use of plain English
  • directional and non-directional leadership and hosting and supporting networks
  • planning, management, promotion and delivery of successful events