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1st Floor, Ver House, Park Estate, Frogmore, St Albans AL2 2WH
Closing date: 17/03/2023
Disability Confident Employer

Communities 1st

This is a Fixed Term Position for 30-37 Hours per Week

We are looking for someone who can live and breathe our values; To work in
partnership, deliver quality, adapt, be positive and be inclusive. You will be proactive
and able to work colleagues and volunteers to deliver amazing services.

Purpose of the Job:
When you see the world as we do, you see the chance to help our local community
become a better place for everyone. It’s why we’re looking for someone who sees the
world in a similar way to take up an exciting Service coordinator role in our Making a
Difference Team.
The Service Development Co-ordinator will have a leading role in the planning and
coordination of Communities 1st’s volunteering services, including developing and
shaping volunteering opportunities, recruiting and deploying volunteers, A key part of
the role will be helping manage a programme of change and assisting in the coordination of services across the Hertfordshire and wider afield.
The appointed individual will need excellent people skills, empathy, compassion and
awareness of safeguarding.

• Support the planning and implementation of a range of volunteer projects,
including being responsible for delivery of targets
• Lead the development of the Feeling Good Programme, co-designing with service
users and working with agencies across the borough
• Manage programme delivery and line manage the Feeling Good team
• Liaise and build relationships with partners in relation to Communities 1st services,
including supporting the development of new partnerships and projects
• Support the development of new volunteering projects and/or services by actively
identifying development opportunities, and taking the initiative in developing new
opportunities and/or services in liaison with internal colleagues and voluntary and
community sectors.
• Position volunteerism as catalyst of development for future-focused resilience
initiatives such as inclusive leadership, critical thinking, social cohesion and
sustainable development
• Support identifying, building and strengthening partnerships with local volunteer
involving organisations, grassroots level networks and civil society organisations
• Support and promote opportunities for involvement and participation of people
who may be vulnerable due to disability, age, dementia, sensory impairment or
mental health needs in a variety of ways, including within community activities

Service Delivery:
• Lead the development and delivery of new projects and/or services by actively
identifying development opportunities and/or services in liaison with internal
colleagues and voluntary and community sectors.
• Develop and maintain a clear understanding of local community strengths,
resources, connections, gaps and opportunities.
• Develop partnerships with individuals, local organisations and community groups in
order to promote opportunities for contribution by all members of the community.
• Collect meaningful evaluative data and use this to reflect and improve future
service delivery.
• Keep abreast of industry volunteer-management best practice and volunteer
• Actively support the development of new training programmes and resources that
are accessible, including online training materials.
• Support the collation and reporting of monitoring and evaluation data to inform
service improvements and client reporting.
• Contribute to regular service reviews to assess performance against service KPI’s
and service evaluation data.
• Work with the communications team to design and deliver service Communications
strategy, including web, social media, printed media and newsletter content.

• Build Partnerships and collaborative working with voluntary and community
• Represent and promote Communities 1st at events and meetings across the county
and promote wider Communities 1st projects.
• Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with our local partners and
other relevant local organisations and voluntary services to ensure a cohesive
approach to service delivery.
• Provide support to referral partners i.e. Herts Help, District and County Council, NHS,
Police etc
• Maintain up to date activity records for groups on CiviCRM system
• Ensure monitoring and evaluating procedures are followed and incorporated into
all project activities.
• Produce high quality reports monthly including statistical information compiled by
project monitoring methods, including assisting in the development of case studies.
• Recruit and train Volunteer Leaders to help support and lead activities in the longer

General responsibilities:
• Promote Communities 1st and its activities, and act in accordance with its principles.
• Work within agreed procedures, regulations and systems, including for accounting,
expenses, communications, data collection, monitoring, and quality assurance.
• Establish and maintain professional and supportive relationships with colleagues and
with local groups.
• Undertake such other work as may reasonably be required from time to time.

External Communications:
• Support the development of communications plans to include tailored messaging
for all categories of projects across all media
• Contribute to regular social media posts to promote Communities 1st membership
• Maintain effective working partnerships with public sector agencies, other voluntary
organisations and local businesses. Also, where appropriate, establishing new links.

Other Duties:
• Work as part of Communities 1st team in a professional manner in accordance with
policies, procedures and equal opportunities practices
• Work with people from a range of seldom heard groups and contribute towards a
positive equalities’ ethos.
• This is not a final and complete statement of the duties attached to this post, which
may be amended from time to time in accordance with the changing needs of
Communities 1st