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Ver House, Park Estate, Frogmore, St Albans AL2 2WH
Fixed Term
£27,852 p.a.
Closing date: 11/03/2024
Disability Confident Employer

Communities 1st

Due to the sensitive nature of this work, an advanced DBS
check will be required.

Purpose of the Job:
We are looking for someone who can live and breathe our values; To work in
partnership, deliver quality, adapt, be positive and be inclusive. You will be proactive
and able to work colleagues and volunteers to deliver amazing services.
One of our areas of focus is on facilitating co-production between local communities
and the public sector to promote inclusive decision-making and service development.
Our mission is to empower communities, reduce health inequalities, and ensure that
everyone has a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.
As the Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator, you will play a pivotal role in
coordinating and delivering a range of projects aimed at fostering co-production
between local communities and the public sector and reducing health inequalities. This
role requires a proactive and independent approach to project management,
stakeholder engagement, and the delivery of outcomes that align with our charity’s
goals and values. The appointed individual will need excellent people skills, empathy,
compassion and awareness of safeguarding.

• Manage the lifecycle of multiple projects from inception through to completion,
ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the desired quality. This
includes planning, execution, monitoring, and reporting.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including local
communities, public sector partners, and funders, to ensure effective collaboration
and project success.
• Facilitate co-production processes by actively engaging with local communities to
understand their needs, aspirations, and barriers to participation. Ensure that
projects are inclusive and reflective of the diversity within the community.

Project Coordination and Delivery
• Deliver plans for each project, including co-production initiatives, health access
enhancements, and Diabetes Eye Screening Programme (DESP) engagement. This
involves identifying objectives, setting timelines, and allocating resources effectively.
• Lead targeted community engagement efforts to foster relationships with local
communities, focusing on inclusivity and diversity. Collaborate with community
leaders, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to enhance participation and
support for projects aimed at reducing health inequalities.
• Design and disseminate culturally appropriate and accessible communication
materials to promote project goals and activities. Ensure messages are tailored to
reach and resonate with diverse community groups, including ethnic minority and
socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.
• Plan and organise events that align with project objectives, such as health
awareness campaigns and DESP screening drives. Coordinate logistics, engage
speakers, and ensure events are accessible and appealing to target communities.
• Implement robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks to measure the impact of
projects on community health outcomes and engagement levels. Regularly report
on progress, challenges, and successes to stakeholders and funders, using data to
inform future strategy and project adjustments.
• Work closely with healthcare providers and public sector partners to integrate
learnings and community feedback into local healthcare policies and practices.
Advocate for changes that enhance health access and reduce disparities based
on project outcomes.
• Coordinate the efforts of volunteers and any support staff involved in projects,
ensuring they are effectively trained, supported, and motivated. Foster a
collaborative team environment that aligns with the charity’s values and project

Capacity Building
• Establish and maintain strong relationships with small and local VCSE organisations,
understanding their needs and potential contributions to the public sector agenda.
Act as a liaison to facilitate their engagement in co-production and collaborative
• Provide targeted support and development opportunities to small and local VCSE
organisations, enhancing their capacity to engage effectively with the public
sector. This includes organising training sessions, sharing resources, and offering one-
to-one support to navigate public sector processes and opportunities.
• Directly engage with the end users of VCSE organisations to understand their needs
and perspectives. Incorporate their input into project designs and strategies to
ensure that initiatives are responsive and inclusive.
• Coordinate with public sector bodies to create opportunities for VCSE involvement
in decision-making and project implementation, promoting a co-productive
approach that values the contributions of all stakeholders.
• Work collaboratively with VCSE organisations to build their capacity for sustainable
engagement with the public sector, including facilitating access to funding,
partnership opportunities, and strategic planning support.

Partnerships Development
• Build Partnerships and collaborative working with voluntary and community
• Represent and promote Communities 1st at events and meetings across the county
and promote wider Communities 1st projects.
• Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with our local partners and
other relevant local organisations and voluntary services to ensure a cohesive
approach to service delivery.
• Co-ordinate all data from end to end to ensure that more complex issues are
identified and actioned appropriately whilst providing support to both the call
backs team and delivery team.
• Maintain up to date activity records for groups on CiviCRM system
• Produce high quality reports monthly including statistical information compiled by
project monitoring methods, including assisting in the development of case studies.
• Attend regular partnership meetings to report on project progress.

Collaboration and Outreach
• Work as part of Communities 1st team in a professional manner in accordance with
policies, procedures and equal opportunities practices
• Support the development of communications plans to include tailored messaging
for all categories of projects across all media
• Maintain effective working partnerships with public sector agencies, other voluntary
organisations and local businesses. Also, where appropriate, establishing new links.
• Work with people from a range of seldom heard groups and contribute towards a
positive equalities’ ethos.
• This is not a final and complete statement of the duties attached to this post, which
may be amended from time to time in accordance with the changing needs of
Communities 1st.

General responsibilities
• Promote Communities 1st and its activities, and act in accordance with its principles.
• Work within agreed procedures, regulations and systems, including for accounting,
expenses, communications, data collection, monitoring, and quality assurance.
• Establish and maintain professional and supportive relationships with colleagues and
with local groups.
• Undertake such other work as may reasonably be required from time to time.

Person Specification: Outreach and Partnerships Co-ordinator
Values and Personal Attributes
1.1 Ability to implement our values in all aspects of work. These are
to: Work in partnership; Deliver quality; Adapt; Be positive; Be
inclusive. (Essential)
1.2 Ability to work with a diverse range of people and organisations
and be an effective communicator in both verbal and written
forms. (Essential)
1.3 Be proactive and self starting in the development of projects as
well as work under pressure. (Essential)
1.4 Ability to work flexibly and effectively as part of a team and on
own initiative. (Essential)
1.5 Proactive approach to personal development and the updating
of skills and knowledge. (Essential)

Skills & Knowledge
2.1 A demonstrable understanding of the issues facing older people
and/or disabled people including barriers to participation. (Essential)
2.2 Excellent networking and liaison skills and ability to develop and
maintain a range of partnerships and working relationships with
key external stakeholders and partners. (Essential)
2.3 Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for
engaging effectively with diverse stakeholders. (Essential)
2.4 Good IT skills, particularly in relation to databases, website and
social media. (Essential)
2.5 Understanding of the principles of co-production and community
engagement, as well as issues related to health inequalities and
the social determinants of health. (Desirable)
2.6 Excellent organisational and time-management skills, with the
ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. (Essential)

3.1 Proven experience in project coordination, preferably within the
charity, non-profit, or public sector, with a track record of
successful project delivery and stakeholder management. (Essential)
3.2 Commitment to volunteering & an understanding of the role of a
volunteer service. (Desirable)
3.3 Sound understanding of volunteer management policy and best
practice. (Desirable)

Other Requirements
4.1 Flexible approach to working hours. Able and willing to work
occasional evenings / weekends (Essential)
4.2 Ability to travel within Hertfordshire and occasionally wider afield