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Closing date: 10/04/2023


CVS Lead (Three Rivers)

Hours: Part-time (17.5 hours per week)

Contract: Permanent subject to probation period and funding

Line Manager: W3RT Operations Manager

Salary: £17,000 pa (pro rata with a FTE salary of £34,000)

Place of work: This role will be based at Holywell Community Centre in Watford, with regular meetings throughout Hertfordshire and opportunities to work from home.


The post-holder will lead the effective delivery of assigned CVS services to meet commissioner requirements and ensure our community benefits from voluntary organisations that are welcoming, accountable, effective and sustainable.

Specific responsibilities

  • Be a recognised source of knowledge on the local voluntary sector and ensure W3RT holds accurate details on voluntary group activities
  • Manage such budgets that are delegated, and deliver such targets and outputs as are required
  • Champion W3RT’s vision, purposes, values, and mission
  • Lead on the recruitment and support of CVS members
  • Support and enable community organisations to be welcoming, accountable, effective and sustainable
  • Deliver an agreed programme of face-to-face, online and hybrid events, including training and networking opportunities, workshops, consultations, and conferences
  • Lead on local communications for CVS (including email, social media and digital platforms), keep CVS members and stakeholders informed, and prepare case studies
  • With colleagues, lead or support relevant local networks, forums and partnerships
  • Attend meetings as required to represent and promote W3RT CVS – including with external stakeholders
  • Contribute to internal W3RT prioritisation, co-ordination and planning.
  • Ensure all CVS operational processes are accurately documented within W3RT wikis
  • Ensure all systems are used as intended and all relevant data is accurately recorded
  • Champion W3RT digital systems including NationBuilder, Golden Volunteer, the Community Directory, the Herts Funding Database
  • Maintain effective relationships with funders – deliver on KPIs, collate data, submit reports, attend meetings, and manage funds as required.
  • Elicit feedback from users and stakeholders to assess needs to improve service provision.

Behaviours, knowledge and skills

The post-holder must demonstrate and maintain the following knowledge, skills and behaviours.


  • A strong understanding of the legal structures available for charities and community organisations
  • A good working knowledge of Hertfordshire’s statutory sector and especially as it relates to the funding and engagement of community organisations and the commissioning of services.
  • An excellent understanding of voluntary organisations active within Watford and Three Rivers, including key individuals, networks, forums, and influencers.
  • An excellent understanding of key individuals, businesses, networks, events, activities, services and commissioners, in Watford and Three Rivers.
  • A good understanding of local and national organisations, services and resources supporting community organisations – including quality systems and standards.
  • A very good understanding of project and organisational management, business planning, branding income generation, policy frameworks.
  • A good understanding of outputs, outcomes and impact measurement.
  • Knowledge of current policy debates relevant to these areas of work including eg ABCD, social prescribing, loneliness, etc.
  • A strong understanding of the legal and regulatory framework for community organisations including re: employment, volunteering, fundraising, contracts, charity law, health and safety, equalities, operations.
  • Excellent knowledge of W3RT ICT systems including Teams, National Builder, Golden Volunteer, and Idox.


  • Excellent analytical skills to understand organisations, networks, and power relationships.
  • Able to identify needs, strengths, opportunities and risks.
  • A trained and reflective approach to using Asset Based Community Development.
  • Excellent skills in networking and negotiation: the ability to establish relationships, influence discussions and persuade or recruit people to your point of view.
  • Excellent people and listening skills: help people to speak truthfully and articulate their needs or views, confident that you will listen and respond appropriately.
  • Skills in researching, statistical analysis, and writing reports, plans, options and bids.
  • A high level of competency in W3RT ICT systems.
  • Social networks: competence and confidence operating on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Teams, etc).
  • Proven experience of working people who are vulnerable or face barriers, recognising the issues that affect them and identifying ways to engage and support them.
  • Able to balance a complex workload and objectively prioritise competing demands.

W3RT Behaviours

All W3RT staff are expected to consistently display the following behaviours.


  • Remember you are a valued part of W3RT’s team – be proud of your role and of the trust
  • Ask for support, guidance and training where needed – and wherever possible, offer the same when requested of you


  • Be transparent and avoid any direct or indirect conflicts of interest or loyalty
  • Work to complete any project or commission you have agreed to undertake


  • Be welcoming and supportive to all parts of our community, respecting everyone as a fellow human individual with their own beliefs, values, preferences and independence
  • Respect the wellbeing, dignity and privacy of our service users – ensure vulnerable people are supported and share any concerns about their wellbeing.


  • Continuously improve your skills, and share and apply your learning.
  • Contribute to discussions to ensure that W3RT’s activities, programmes and services are the best possible.


  • Listen and ensure our services are personalised to deliver the best possible outcomes for each individual.
  • Record your work accurately to help us improve services and demonstrate our impact.